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Post by Skystar on Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:55 am

Welcome, new member! First off, we'd like to thank you for picking The Owl clans as a group you'd like to be a member of. It means a lot to us and we hope you enjoy yourself here! The first thing you should do after you register is read the Forum Rules. Next you can post your character biography in the appropriate subsection! Please use the character sheet provided and follow the directions. A staff member will review your post and place you in your correct usergroup then if you haven't been already. Then you can begin RP-ing! Please read the Role-Play rules, as well as take a peek at some of the resources and other information we've provided. It's a good idea to start off in your Clan camp. It is assumed that your character is already a part of the Clans and was born into them, instead of some other kind of history. Remember that if, during role-play, you cross Clan lines, you could be in big trouble! Territory lines are fiercely guarded, so don't be surprised if you're quickly challenged and perhaps get into a fight! As most members will be when they first join the Clans, you will start off as an owlet. This means you definitely have to start within the Clan camp and work from there. You will most likely quickly progress to the Apprentice and then Guardian class, so good luck! As your character grows older, it will "unlock" and explore more territories.

If you don't want to jump right into role-play first, you can take a look on the other side of things, the out of character side. Please Introduce Yourself to our community here. Post whatever information you'd like but do not post ridiculously detailed information or pictures of what you look like or your address. Information like that will be quickly edited out of your post and you'll be sent a warning through PM. You can also start or post in discussions here. If nothing catches your fancy, feel free to start a new topic! Additionally we have the Fun N' Games of the forum which includes games you can post, as well as official forum games. If you are confused at all, feel free to post in the Maintenance & Support forum or send an Admin a PM. You can also post suggestions for us in the Maintenance forum! Check the Announcements forum for updates about the forums, and look out for contests and other special events! It's also advised you look around the Library some more and read up on what you can. Good luck and we hope you enjoy yourself!

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