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Post by Skystar on Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:50 am

- Clan/Forum Rules: The Gurdian Code
● RESPECT: You must honor all those around you, even if they are from different Clans. We will not stand for any misbehavior on this site.
● RULES: Do not double post on the forums or back-seat moderate. Respect all other rules posted, including but not limited to the chatbox rules as well as the role-play rules.
● LANGUAGE: No vulgar language is allowed anywhere on this website. Friendly competition between Clans is allowed, but please take it no further than that.
● ACTIVITY: It is asked that you remain as active as possible on this site. We do not have any law of exactly how many times you must post in order to remain as an active member, however we may contact you if you become too inactive. If you are going on vacation or have big real-life events coming up, we ask that you request an EFA on our WolfQuest topic or this website. Occasionally we have activity checks where we remove those who have not visited the site in a one month period.
● USE COMMON SENSE: In the way of not posting inappropriate pictures or making inappropriate jokes. If you have any questions of whether or not what you want to post is appropriate, please talk to a moderator or administrator. We are happy to help you!
● MORE INFORMATION/SPECIFICS: As a member of our site, you are expected to follow all other rules as well as keep up with updates with this thread and around the forums.

- Chatbox Rules
● Do not use vulgar language or make rude comments or post inappropriate links.
● Avoid attention seeking behavior
● Try not to SPAM too much!
● Do not attack other members. Friendly discussions or debates are allowed, but if they get out of hand you will be asked to drop the topic. If you are asked this, please do so.
● Do not beg for moderator status or anything else on the chatbox.
● Have fun!

- Role-Play Rules

● TRAVELLING IN ROLE-PLAY: If you ever leave your Clan camp, you must be going somewhere! Therefore it is required for you to move to the said other thread where you are going, whether to hunt, fish, or patrol. If you're patrolling, you can just pick a certain part of the territory to patrol instead of moving from thread to thread. Additionally, border skirmishes are allowed!

● CHARACTER CREATION: When creating your character, accessories are not allowed without express written permission. 99.9% of the time, your request will probably be denied. Certain accessories may be permitted later on, but for right now, no. Additionally, before posting in role-play, we ask you make at least a basic biography of your character for others reference.

● INCLUSION & BEHAVIOR OUTSIDE OF ROLE-PLAY: Please include all members when you are role-playing. We don't want members to feel left out! Also remember that nothing that happens in role-play is happening in real-life. If a character dislikes yours, that doesn't mean that their user hates you too!

● REALISTIC ROLE-PLAY: What we mean by this is do not god-mod or powerplay. This means that you do NOT control another person's character and cannot post what actions they do. For example, in a fight, you cannot say you tackled another owl. You must say you jumped at them and the other person decides if they get hit. Similarly, in a fight, we ask that you even out the hits and misses and at least sustain realistic injuries. Additionally, no magical powers, throwing people at rocks, or other actions of that nature. You will be warned if you are caught doing so. Owls are not invincible, and try to make the role-play as realistic as possible!

● PROPHECIES: If you want to make a prophecy, please contact an administrator so we can discuss it with our moderators. We may give you permission for it! Please do not go off and make a prophecy without discussing it with anyone else. Thanks!

● STAY ON TOPIC: Do not go off-topic in your role-play post. If you have any comments relating to the role-play, please put them at the top of your post in parenthesis ( )

● CONTENT OF POSTS: Do not include too much blood or gore in your posts. Also no graphic romance. Try to make your posts as content filled as possible. At least 4 full sentences please.

● WORD CHOICE: Aggressiveness is expected as owls are in rival Clans. However, no all-out trash talk will be permitted. On a different note, type out every word and do not use chat-speak in role-play posts so people can understand you.

- Battle Rules
1) When you are fighting, you only role-play from your perspective. You DO NOT say: '_____ looked at the apprentice, jumped on top of it, bit it in the neck, then ran away.' You would say '______ looked at the apprentice, bent down, and sprung at the owl.' Notice that you only role-play from your perspective, not saying what happens after you attack because otherwise your opponent cannot respond and it is unfair for them.

2) You can 'trash-talk' as in saying someone's character is a wet-pooper, seagull, etc., but do not swear or do anything ridiculous.

3) Know your character's strengths and weaknesses. Your character is not perfect, they do not have both strength and speed and cannot throw other owls/birds around and have superpowers.

4) Balance the hits and misses your opponent makes when role-playing. Don't just keep hitting your opponent, and when he/she retaliates you are always able to dodge them.

5) You can't have thoughts in your characters head where you know everything your opponent is thinking or what exactly the opponent is planning fighting and battle-wise, no matter the intuition or deductive skill your character possesses.

6) Know when your fight is lost. If you have a question or concern, contact an admin or a mod.

Thank you for understanding! You are agreeing to the rules above if you post in role-play, and can get a warning if you do not follow them and your posts will be removed. If you have any questions, let us know.

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