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MistClan Camp

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MistClan Camp Empty MistClan Camp

Post by Stormstar on Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:32 pm

The MistClan camp is near the waterfall, which falls down into a small hole that can only be seen by the trained eyes of owls. This small "hole," however, opens up to a large hollow inside. The waterfall spills down at the edge of the wall, and an underground river flows out of the "cave." There are ledges on which the owls roost, and on the left side of the river are the Apprentices, Warriors, and the Leader. On the right are the Medicine Owl, Owlets, and the Elders. There is a slab of stone in the river, where prey is stored. The Leader stands on a high ledge that overlooks everything to speak while the Clan gathers on the "Stone Island."

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MistClan Camp Empty Re: MistClan Camp

Post by Soul on Tue Mar 26, 2013 3:10 am

Soul opened her eyes. She fluffed out her plumage, ruffling her feathers. She clambered out of her small nest, streaching out her talons. The Barn Owl listened to the soft scraping of stone as they ran over her stone ledge. She hopped over to the edge, curling her toes around the edge and closing her eyes. She streached out her head, listening to the melodic sound of the waterfall splashing to the ground. She leaned forward, falling....falling. With a loud fwooop, she unfurled her long wings, beating them a few times. She climbed higher, heading straight towards the waterfall. Closing her primaries tighter, she spiraled upward, shooting out of the small hole infront of the falling sheet of water. Twisting, she flapped her wings before leveling out, coasting along through the mountains towards Apple Valley.

~Apple Valley~

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