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Battered forest

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Battered forest Empty Battered forest

Post by Stormstar on Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:18 pm

This forest is on the top of a cliff, constantly battered by the wind, its amazing that its managed to thrive here. this forest is made up of every tree type avalible. very scruffy and tough, its home to few creatures. but enough for the owls to get by.

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Battered forest Empty Re: Battered forest

Post by Purefeather on Sat Mar 23, 2013 7:13 am

As Purefeather reached through this area, the wind became harsher. Feeling the tough wind through her feathers, she decided to land onto a pine tree. Resting her wings, Purefeather is now on a look out for food. Narrowing those beutiful eyes, she spotted a mouse climbing onto a small rock. Clever thing, it went through a sheltered area of the rock. Purefeather waited for her prey, patiently staring. A few minutes later, the mouse decided to crawl outside. Lifting her wings and following the patterns of the wind, she held her last breath, concentrating on where to aim. Purefeather kicked her claws away from the pine tree's branch, and swooped down at the mouse before it could see her. As Purefeather were to catch the mouse, the mouse spotted her and quickly rushed back inside. But it was too late. Purefeather had grasped the mouse into her claws, feeling the poor mouse trying to sqirm its way out. Before heading back to camp, I might as well catch a few more prey she thought. The female flew high to another pine tree, watching carefully. Lucky enough, she found two other mice crawling for a home. Squeezing the mouse grasped in her claws tighter a little, she swooped down to the mouse behind the leading mouse. Catching the mouse with her other claw, the leading mouse didn't see Purefeather, but noticed the mouse is gone. Flying in circles around the last mouse, she had to catch it quickly before it finds somewhere to hide. As Purefeather swooped down for the last catch, the mouse luckily found a rabbit's burrow. As it fell through, Purefeather failed the catch. Well, two should be enough. Until then, I'll hunt for more she thought, as she screeched at the lucky mouse and flew back to camp.

~StormClan Camp~

Battered forest RjaIiL1
I am a Barn Owl,
As white as can be,
For I have sharp talons,
Fear these small things,

I'll never respect any other,
As for they are something different,
Not a part of Storm Clan,
And shall survive on their own,

As for my name is Purefeather,
So healthy I should be,
Guarding my clan,
And never breaking my promise,
Of the Guardian Code...

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